Organizational development consulting

We believe that the establishment of an office as a workplace is optimal if it supports the strategic directions of the company, gives space to the people and groups of the organization so that they can carry out their work effectively, forming a real community. Achieving this is ensured by a workplace analysis, during which our organizational development colleague examines the entire organization that uses the office, i.e., organizational relationships, work processes, and organizational culture as well. With the help of interviews, questionnaires, and workshops, we map the operation of the organization, and with our cross-questions we bring to the surface any problems that hinder efficient work.

Analysing the work environment often also raises issues that go beyond developing a new office concept. In these cases, at the request of our clients, we make an organizational diagnosis and make development proposals to increase efficiency. This means that our organizational development consulting services can be used independently of our workplace analysis.

In addition, we provide HR consulting for small or start-up companies where a full HR role has not yet been established. The main goals in which we can support company managers are: retaining and motivating employees, developing and reviewing internal processes, and developing communication at the individual and group level.


Our organizational development projects offer to our clients:

• proposal for an office layout concept that considers the specifics of the company
• organizational development consultation based on work environment analysis
• organizational diagnosis, development plan
• management support
• HR consulting
• improvement in communication

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