Workplace analysis and audit

We perform a complex workplace analysis of existing and / or future office space before creating a new work environment. We have more than 10 years of interior design experience and our colleagues to help us succeed in these analytical projects.

After examining the layout design or floorplan of the office, we propose:

• the required room/space functions, their proportions
• the variability and rearrangement of spaces
• optimization of internal traffic routes and eliminate congestion
• new acoustic solutions
• adequate distance
• the use of existing furniture
• health-conscious work environment

In the meantime, our organizational development colleague examines the organization using the office. It means our workplace analysis also covers organizational connections, work processes, and organizational culture. With the help of interviews, questionnaires, and workshops, we map the needs of employees and their individual office use. With our cross-questions, we bring to the surface any problems that hinder efficient work.

At the end of analysis, we also propose where and how much space each office function should receive (function scheme) in the new office.

After the analysis, we also compile a planning program covering every detail. It is a text document contains:
• the basic functional requirements expected of the future office as a building, and
• a detailed description of the customer’s expectations for the construction work and for the contract with the prospective designer.

An in-depth office use manual can be useful not only for employees, but also those who are involved in purchasing tasks by defining in advance the main rules for designing and equipping a new office.

Our workplace analysis projects offer to our clients:

• floor plan, photo, text, and diagram analysis of the existing and/or future office
• detailed analysis based on in-depth management interviews and questionnaires
• function scheme suggestions
• planning program
• office design and use manual
• internal trainings, workshops on the use of the changed work environment

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