Re:Alyzer – Measurement and analysis of office space occupancy and other physical parameters

We promote efficient office utilisation and maintenance through metrics and reports.

Benefits for all concerned 

  • WORKERS: optimised indoor layout to meet workers’ needs
  • OFFICE HOUSEHOLDERS, BUSINESSES: modern operation adapted to use
  • MANAGEMENT, BENEFIT DONORS: cost savings by eliminating unnecessary office costs

The sensors

  • quick and easy to install
  • discreet appearance
  • based on IoT technology.

With the constant use of our Re:Alyzer system, it is possible to effectively monitor rapidly changing office demand and economic conditions. In these cases, we can provide long-term data on office presence and the physical condition of the working environment. In modern, smart office buildings, it is even possible to connect Re:Alyzer directly to the building’s cooling/heating, lighting or ventilation system, thus optimising the building’s consumption, even further.

The use of sensors for shorter periods of time is recommended before renovations or relocations. This is the way to obtain real data on the occupancy of different parts of the office. Based on this information, we can make targeted recommendations on the required functions and their ideal placement in the new office.



To provide you with continuous data, we not only supply the sensors themselves, but also produce company-specific reports and analyses. And with regular follow-up, we ensure flexible tracking of changes in office space.

Re:Alyzer is a stand-alone service that also supports our core profile of office utilisation analysis by providing accurate, up-to-date data. It provides our clients with the ever-increasing data-driven decision making and cost optimisation needs.

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By Using Re:Alyzer Sensors

  • we can show the occupancy of the office in the floor plan
  • we keep a record of attendance by at each workstation
  • information on the partial use of meeting rooms (e.g. if only 1-2 people use the larger meeting rooms)
  • a complete picture of the workload of the whole office (e.g.: aisles, service areas)
  • collect data not only on presence but also on other physical characteristics of the working environment, such as:
    • temperature
    • humidity
    • CO2 and TVoC levels
    • noise level
    • brightness, colour temperature
  • weekly/monthly reports to indicate changes

What can the data collected by sensors be used for?

  • helps space optimisation, as we get a real picture of the office occupancy rate
  • provides designers with information for an ideal office layout by showing the need for each office function
  • reduced office maintenance and running costs (e.g.: optimised heating/cooling, lighting, ventilation or even office cleaning)
  • changes can be easily tracked with follow-up
  • increases efficiency and productivity by adapting to work patterns

What do you need to know about sensors?

  • based on IoT technology
  • no wiring required
  • takes only a few minutes to install and set it up
  • collects data through a Cloud Connector connection
  • batteries have a lifetime of 8 years
  • discreet, small, hardly noticeable
  • different sensors can be selected to measure different parameters for a given room

What other uses do the sensors provide?

  • can be connected to the booking systems of the offices
  • provides data for heating and cooling systems in smart office buildings, delivering real cost savings
  • in addition to besides offices, the system is also suitable for measuring other common areas, buildings, institutions and commercial units

The Re:Alyzer service package includes:

  • installing the right type and number of sensors for the local conditions
  • collecting data measured by sensors
  • preparing statements and analyses
  • expert advice on how to optimise office space and costs

Re:Alyzer: Real-time data with continuous monitoring and analysis through a web portal or application.

Martin Mortensen, Energy Advisor, Boligselskabet Sjælland

Keeping costs down and checking that renovations are effective

Keeping our buildings up to date is important to us. It allows us to keep the costs of heating down while at the same time making sure that our offices maintain a certain level of comfort. Temperature, humidity and CO2 are of particular interest to us. We use the sensors to test our indoor air quality before and after renovations and we are keen to use data-based measurements instead of relying on feelings.
We want to make sure that the improvements we are adding to the buildings, e.g. windows that are sealed more effectively, are in fact effective and that they help create good indoor air quality. We have chosen the RoomAlyzer because it is battery driven and saves us from having to find a power outlet. We have been looking for a solution like this for a while. It is so easy to use that even I can figure out how to do it.


Re:Alyzer FULL

The best choice for optimized facility management, resolving indoor climate complaints, renovations and more. The sensor measures 134 x 59 mm covers 40 m2 space. It can be fixed to any surface with screws or double-sided adhesive tape.

The measured parameters are:

  • temperature – °C (+/- 0.2)
  • relative humidity – % RH (+/- 2%)
  • CO2 – PPM (+/-50 PPM)
  • TVOC air quality – PPB(+/- 15% in PPB)
  • noise – dB
  • brightness – lux
  • colour temperature – Kelvin
    • presence – PIR

Re:Alyzer MINI

The right choice for more efficient cleaning of (office) premises, optimised heating and user well-being.
 The sensor measures 73 x 77 mm and can be fixed to any surface with screws or double-sided adhesive tape. Can also be used in cold environments.

The measured parameters are:

  • temperature – °C (+/- 0.2)
  • relative humidity – % RH (+/- 2%)
  • presence – PIR

Re:Alyzer MICRO – desktop sensor

If you want to collect data on the occupancy of your offices, including individual workstations or meeting rooms, the MICRO sensor is the best choice! It is the most discreet and easiest to use sensor of all devices designed for this purpose.

Other benefits of the MICRO sensor

  • easy to connect with reservation systems
  • provides an immediate visual overview
  • supports optimal use of space

Re:Alyzer MOTION

If you want to measure how often and when different rooms are used, the MOTION sensor is the most effective solution.
 The MOTION sensor collects data using a PIR (presence/motion) sensor. The sensor has a 360 degree field of view. As with all Re:Alyzer products, the MOTION sensor is 100% completely wireless and does not require wifi. One sensor covers an area of ~40m2.

Other benefits of the MOTION sensor:

  • can be used in all types of rooms
  • supports the ideal layout and distribution of meeting rooms (e.g. appropriate number and size of meeting rooms)
  • optimise the cleaning schedule