Engineering services

Workplace analysis helps us create a new office concept or optimize an existing office. Thanks to our colleagues, our external designers and interior designers can precisely customize the ideal office layout.

If there is no need or opportunity for a comprehensive workplace analysis, after a simplified needs assessment, we compile a planning program and start planning the design of the office. In other words, our office design service can be used independently.
There is a continuous dialogue with customers during planning. In the first round, we discuss the possibilities of different office functions and their proportions (function scheme). Following this, possible seating plans developed. We make 3D spaceplan to help our customers make their choice. The final interior design and construction planning begin with the approved seating plan.

In addition to company-specific office design, we also strive to take advantage of modern technology for convenience, efficiency, and security. We study the applicability of IT and virtual systems such as smart access or reservation systems, smart light control, space utilization monitoring.
We also save our clients time by undertaking the project management of the construction process. The professional follow-up of the implementation phase ensures that the new office is prepared according to the plans that meet the customer’s needs by the end of the project.

Our engineering services offer to our clients:

• function scheme
• seating plans, 3D spaceplan
• office design
• construction plans
• examination of the applicability of IT and virtual devices, system planning
• project management (monitoring and supporting the planning and construction process)
• technical supervision

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