Satisfaction surveys

For employers:

As part of our workplace analysis, our organizational development colleague examines satisfaction with the office as a work environment. We map the office needs of employees and their individual office use.

Independently of our workplace analysis projects, we undertake to manage satisfaction surveys with company-specific questionnaires and various focus topics. To do this, we conduct interviews with company executives and then compile an online questionnaire. After filling out the questionnaires, we provide detailed feedback on the degree of satisfaction and its reasons.


For office landlords and shopping centre managements:

In addition to the “end users” of the office market, we also have landlord clients whose satisfaction is just as important as employee’s satisfaction. The methods we use are the same as the interviews and questionnaires used in the analysis of employee satisfaction.

We have experience in design and construction of office interiors and shopping centres. In addition to mapping tenant needs and providing feedback on satisfaction, we can also support landlords as professional consultants in compiling their wider service portfolio.


Our satisfaction assessment projects offer to our clients:

• assessment with in-depth interviews, focus groups, workshops
• company-specific or office building-specific online satisfaction feedback questionnaires
• detailed analysis of employee satisfaction (not only about the work environment)
• consultation on employee satisfaction
• detailed analysis of tenant satisfaction with the office building and its services
• compilation a portfolio of service providers to the landlords

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